If you have small children, there is no problem, We have a solution for that, a small trailer intended specifically for the transport of children in any weather conditions. Here we give emphasis most on the safety of your children. There are seatbelts that your child binds to even 5 points.


● FAST and ECOLOGICAL Transport ● MINIMUM effort ● no HELMETS ● don't have to PAY PARKING

Driven by the growing demands of today for nature conservation, but also finding the most economical mode of transportation, we want to present you ELECTRIC BICYCLE which by its characteristics corresponds to the requirements of modern man. The use of this bike is varied and vast: from going to work to recreation, with minimal maintenance costs and charging the battery.

The advantages are many: the independence of a parking place, easily overcoming heavier stock, a choice of driving with or without the help of electric motors, access to pedestrian zone, and an unforgettable ecological aspect in the approach to everyday problem of transport Click here for more...

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